Booking Contract
 Band Requirements:  
The Band will do there utmost to fulfil this contract, subject to the conditions stated below  The Band will require a non-refundable* 20% deposit in order to book the date requested by the Client. The remaining balance will be paid on the date booked, after our contract has been fulfilled. Cash is preferred but other means of payment may be accepted by prior arrangement.  The Band will play songs specified by the client off of our current set list. If the client does not wish to choose the songs then the band will select suitable songs to play. The Band will play requests that are not part of our current set list as long it is feasibly possible and the song/s are appropriate to the genre of music we play (50’s & 60’s Rock and Roll). For this we must have details of specific songs to be played and a minimum of 6 weeks notice, upon the booking of your event. Where this is not possible, the Band will notify the client within 28 days of the signed date of the agreement and will provide the requested music by CD or will play an alternative song.  The Band will require adequate changing facilities prior to our performance and commencement of the event.  For health and safety reasons the Client/s, guests and all refreshments/liquids must be kept away from all of the Band equipment and the Client/s and guests must not enter the Band area/stage at any time. Children must not be allowed to play on or enter the band area/stage at any time.   If at any time there is aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any member of the Band we reserve the right to stop playing until they are removed or stop playing altogether if the situation is not resolved in reasonable time. If any of the Bands equipment is damaged by the client/s or there guests, it will be paid for by the client.  A Band member or representative may require a meeting with the Client at the venue prior to the contracted date, preferably with the venue manager/organiser, to ensure that everyone understands all requirements and agree to the details in this contract.  We usually have the same members playing in the band but the line up may vary due to illness or other circumstances  
 Date and Timing  
 The band will always strive to start performing at the contracted time. If the Band cannot start at the contracted time then CD music will be supplied until the Band is ready. The Band will play the contracted amount of time even if there is a late start caused by us unless the Client wishes for us to stop early.  At least two members of the Band will require access to the performance area/stage in the venue on the contracted date of the event. The Band will require access at least 1-2 hours before the start of our performance or the event. If the Client has specific requirements to the Bands’ set up time, the Band must be notified at the time of booking.  A sound check will have to be carried out prior to our performance. All the Band members will endeavour to arrive at the venue at good time. At least an hour must be available between the arrival time of the Band members and the contracted start time of our performance, as it is necessary for the Band to set up and check their equipment.  Depending on the extras involved, the Band will need approximately 1 - 1½ hours to dismantle and remove all their equipment from the venue.
The Band will not play after 12:00 AM except for special circumstances, judged by the band. The band reserve the right to stop playing at this time, no exceptions. Upon request we may continue playing at our discretion but an extra charge of £100 per hour will apply. 
 Access  Adequate, dry access must be provided and made safe for the band to move equipment to and from the performance area/stage during set-up and pack down times.  The Band will not, under any circumstances carry their equipment through or over muddy, saturated, frozen, slippery or dangerous surfaces. Adequate temporary parking facilities must be available adjacent to the venue during set up and pack down times, and an appropriate place to park nearby during our performance.  
Power Requirements  
The Band will require 4 separate 13 amp power supplies reasonably close to the Band area/stage. Should the power supplies be provided by a generator, the generator must be maintained and regulated by the Client. Adequate controllable lighting must be present in the band area/stage to ensure safe set up and pack down.      
The Band will require sufficient drinking water, to be supplied before we start our performance.  
Outdoor/Marquee Venue's
The Band will only perform outdoors if the following conditions are met:  
The Band area/stage must have adequate controllable lighting before, during and after the event.  The band area/stage must be completely waterproof.  Adequate access must be made to the Band area/stage  If the Band area and access in grassed, dry walkway and loading access must be provided. The Band will not, under any circumstances carry their equipment through or over muddy, saturated, frozen, slippery or dangerous surfaces.  The Client/suppliers of the marquee must ensure that the 4 separate 13 amp, tested power supplies are connected to the Band area/stage. The band will require an area of a minimum size of 10 ft x 10 ft of suitable flooring. The Band will not set up and play on unsuitable surfaces e.g. grass, mud or damp/wet surfaces. An additional area will also be required next to or in front of the Band, approximately  2 ft. Sq. for the Lighting and PA.  The Band will not perform outside unless the above conditions are met in full.    
Other Band Information  
We currently have £2,000,000 worth of public liability insurance. A copy of this is available under request.  All of our Band equipment is PAT tested and a copy of this certificate is available under request.  
 ‘GetRhythm’Booking Contract Payment  
 The non-refundable* 20% deposit will be paid upon the signing of the booking agreement. The remaining balance will be paid on the day/night of the event in cash. (Other forms of payment are only acceptable by prior arrangement)  The Band will supply receipts to confirm when payment is received. 
Should this contract be cancelled after a period of 14 days from the date the booking was confirmed, a service charge, equal to 25% of the fee due shall be payable to the band. If cancellation occurs within 14 days of the event, a 50% charge will apply. The 20% deposit will only be refunded should the Band cancel due to injury, illness or death of a Band member or any of the Band member’s family. The Band reserves the right to cancel the contract, up to 14 days from the event, at their own discretion. The Band will strive to assist in finding a replacement Band if this occurs.  
 Should the Client/s or the Client/s nominated rep/event organiser have a complaint or problem before or during the Bands performance, they must make this known to Carl or Ben of the Band. Complaints received from any other guests will be disregarded.  
*At the Bands discretion.